Ducati Supersport Dealer Bergamo


The versatile side of sportiness

Ducati Supersport Dealer Bergamo

The Ducati road sports car changes its name and becomes SuperSport 950. The design evolves thanks to the new fairings designed by the Ducati Style Center that give the bike more sportiness, dynamism, fluidity in shapes and a strong and decisive reference to the Panigale V4. A new look that transforms the SuperSport 950 in Ducati for younger customers looking for their first sports bike.

Always ready to emotions

The SuperSport 950 it is powered by the twin-cylinder Ducati Testastretta 11 ° from 937 cm3 and equipped with electronic controls based on information from the inertial platform a 6 Bosch axes, able to instantly detect roll angle, yaw and pitch of the bike in space. Mount the latest evolution of the Ducati truss, which uses the engine as a load-bearing element, combined with an elegant single-sided aluminum swingarm.

sporty elegance

The side view of the SuperSport 950 it is marked by air vents reminiscent of the double extractor of the Panigale V4 models. The lower fairing now extends to the side silencer, hiding the mechanics and visually recalling the track bikes.

The front view is dominated by the new full-LED headlamp with daylight, Daytime Running Light (DRL), which clearly recalls the bright and sharp signature of the Panigale V4.

The SuperSport windshield 950, low to create a streamlined and dynamic line, it is centrally connected to the tank bringing the body color into the cockpit, with a modern design that houses the new full-TFT color dashboard. Aerodynamic protection is guaranteed by a sporty cut Plexiglas, height adjustable in two positions.