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Ducati Panigale Dealer Bergamo

The twin-cylinder Panigale has a completely new aesthetic, refined electronics thanks to the use of the Inertial Platform and is even more performing and safe for use on the track, as exploitable and enjoyable for road use, thanks to a more comfortable rider seat and revised suspension setup. Its name communicates to Borgo Panigale twin-cylinder lovers that the model is powered by the Superquadro da 955 cm³. The Panigale V2 replaces the previous one 959 Panigale as an entry model to the Panigale super sports car family.


Year after year, the Panigale V4 is renewed to become faster and more exciting on the track for both amateurs, than for the professional driver. For the 2021 the Panigale V4 and V4 S models become Euro compliant 5, keeping the maximum power and torque levels unchanged. To comply with the new European standard on polluting emissions, Various refinements were made to the Desmosedici Stradale exhaust line and to the engine calibration. The electronic package that equips the Panigale V4 also evolves and now includes the latest generation Ducati Traction Control even more predictive: the DTC EVO 3 with a strategy derived from Ducati Corse. The Riding Mode strategy is also new, specifically, the Riding Mode Race has been split into two mappings that can now be freely compared in the individual parameters, allowing the rider to quickly compare two different configurations to define the best set-up based on the track and driving style.

The Science of Speed

The Panigale V4 and Panigale V4 S models are also equipped with new self-bleeding brake and clutch pumps derived from those used for the first time on the Superleggera V4.. Among the equipment added to the bike for the 2021 there is the chain guard fin, an important precaution for safety, which allows to avoid dangerous contacts with chain and crown in case of slip. Furthermore, for those who use the bike all year round, provision for heated grips is now envisaged, while the ignition key has a new handle, more modern and elegant.

Time Attack

Ducati expands the Panigale V4 family by introducing the numbered Panigale V4 SP version, which certifies the return after many years of the initials "SP" (Sport Production) on the fairing of a Ducati super sports car. Introduced for the first time on the legendary Ducati 851, this abbreviation identified the versions that formed the basis for the development of the racing bikes used in the Sport Production Championship, precursor of the current Super Stock. Today again, in Ducati, the acronym "SP" is used to recognize a production motorcycle with a specific technical equipment that makes it faster on the track.

Pura adrenalina racing

The Panigale V4 R represents the maximum expression of Ducati values: style, sophistication, performance. Directly from Ducati's racing DNA, It is about as close to a prototype bike race. A bike that looks to the future and takes the rider into a dimension made up of fast curves and straights thanks also to electronics that, an invisible, magica, safety net, It allows you to push the boundaries. Designed to give a "symphony" of emotions, thanks also to the dry clutch, the Panigale V4R transforms the concept of performance: not only acceleration, braking and fastest lap time, but also safety and ease of driving, whatever the level of experience on the track. The Panigale V4 R is pure racing adrenaline under full control.